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You are a small operator that has no drilling team and looking for someone to run your project? Or maybe you have your own in house expertise but you simply need some help. We are here to help you out, whether this is a full Drilling Project Management or just an additional hands needed in one of below areas.

Project Management

We can manage your Project, whether its drilling, stimulation, workover or other well operations, from planning phase, through contracting, engineering and operations supervision. Depending on your needs it can be run only by Project Manager if you have a team or we can provide you with full team including Drilling Engineers, Geologists, Logistics, HSE, Drilling Supervisors. It all can be tailored for your needs so you benefit the most.

From well proposal as it comes from G&G team, through Basis of Design where key design parameters are beign established, to final Drilling Program with detailed engineering calculations. This includes close cooperation with Drilling Contractor and Service Companies to design drilling process most efectively.

We can support you with engineering services in such disciplines as drilling, completion, well workover, intervention and abadonment.

Well-site supervision

If you have your well operations planned out and ready to go, but you need a wellsite personnel to supervise the execution phase, we are here to support you. It can be a Drilling Engineer, Co-man, logistics, HSE or site Geologist. We cooperate with number of other professionals, so just let us know what you need and we will find the right people.

Post job analysis

Post job analysis can be useful in various situations, whether it is to learn lessons for future operations, optimising the process, improving HSE performance or even support your dispute with a contractor.

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