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Drilling Projects are complex and not one is alike. Therefore you need an experienced people to run it. But you need more. You need a team, that is cooperating effectively, that has been through a challenging projects together and owing to this fact, it's well rounded. The team with out of the box thinking, which when surprised by unforeseen will quickly find the best solution. This team is here, made out of people who has worked together on various projects in Poland, Morocco, Romania and Albania. Depending on your needs, we cooperate with other professionals which can fill in the team.

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Dawid Krajewski
Project Manager
Drilling Engineer

Dawid has been in the industry for 12+ years, working for major services companies, operators and lately as an independent consultant. Graduated from University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow, Oil&Gas faculty, moved to big challenges straight from university getting involved in possibly most vibrant area in the industry - Saudi Arabia. Since then, he was building his knowledge and experience in such places as Norwegian North Sea, US Marcellus shale, UK, Morocco, Turkey, and Poland.  Now sharing his experience with others helping operators to run their drilling projects.


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Łukasz Łukańko
HSE, Permitting

Łukasz has 15+ years of experience in the oil & gas industry with PhD from the University Science and Technology in Kraków. Experienced HSE  Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & gas  industry, both conventional and unconventional. In Poland, Łukasz has been through number of Environmental Permitting processes (EIA, KIP, waste permit, water permit etc.) in various industries, including O&G and mining, being responsible for documents preparation, field works, application and permit granting.

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Marcin Baran
Drilling Engineer

Marcin is an experienced Drilling Engineer in both planning as well as wellsite supervision. Having worked on various projects in Poland and Morocco, Marcin got opportunity to experience wide aspects of drilling projects.

Lenin Diaz
Well Cementing Expert

Lenin Diaz, a well cementing consultant with over 24 years of industry experience, has held several positions in cementing engineering and operations. While working in various corporations and several countries, Lenin has successfully provided hands-on support and technical advice in geothermal projects, oil and gas wells; both offshore and onshore, in Mexico, Venezuela, Central America, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Turkmenistan, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Algeria, Pakistan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

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Andrzej Krajewski

Andrzej has been working in logistics in different industries, lately supporting our projects providing logistics service during operations.

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