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Our team members were involved, among other, in below projects.

Norwegian Continental Shelf, North Sea

Providing Drilling Engineering Services on exploration and development projects, including Brage, Shrek, Fogelberg and Fat Canoyn fields. North Sea is a mature O&G area with high standards and complex geology, which makes it challenging yet very satisfying to work at. The projects we're involved in include ERD (Extended Reach Drilling) from production platform, exploration drilling from semi-submersible rig, workovers, stimulation and P&A.

Shale gas Poland

We were involved in drilling and fracturing planning and operations in Poland during shale gas boom between 2011 and 2015. Wells from approx. 2500m to 4500m vertical depth. As these were the first attempts to unlock shale gas potential in Poland, we were learning from US experience, working with number of professionals from overseas. It was a very exciting time to be a part of these pioneering times in Poland, and a great opportunity to tap to valuable knowledge.

​Morocco, West Sahara

One of the most challenging exploration projects where our team was involved. Very remote location with no local Oil&Gas related bussiness, no experience with drilling projects among locals, poor supply. Everything from drilling rig to kitchen equipment had to be organised by drilling team, with most of it imported from overseas.

Carpathian area, Poland

Two shallow wells of 700m and 1200m were drilled with shallow gas problems, faults, high formation dipping and many other problems that strongly tectonically formed region might cause.

Wytch farm, UK

Very challenging project from well placement and directional drilling point of view. 9 wells, of which 6 injectors and 3 production, were planned to reach remote targets as Extended Reach Drilling, in dense net of already existing wells .

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