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Drilling, workover, stimulation, abandonment.

We provide consultancy services for all aspects of drilling projects, starting from planning through contracting, engineering and field supervision. Read more for details.


Our team has worked together on various project in many different locations like Morocco, Poland, Romania, Turkey or US. Read more for details.



We have worked with small operators helping them out to run their projects from the idea to delivery. Read more for details.



We are a team of Oil&Gas professionals with broad experience in the O&G industry. Working on onshore and offshore projects around the world, including most vivid and challenging areas as Saudi Arabia, US Marcellus shale and North Sea, but also on small projects, requiring individual approach, we are well equipped to help you plan, budget, implement and execute your drilling project successfully. We also cooperate with number of other professionals with experience in such areas as drilling, geology, geophysics, procurement or logistics. This allows us to fully run your project or just support you in desired areas of expertise, depends on you needs. Read more for detailed information on our team.



Dawid Krajewski

Mob:   +48 608 580 962

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